Keep an Open Mind      

Open Letter to my Friend Yousif

My friend, I envy you.  Going to Gaza, a place where your intellect will serve its purpose of helping and making things better for the people.  I remember visiting Israel back in 1974.  It was surreal.  I was young and couldn't understand the suffering, I came from a protected environment.  I am a bit ashamed of having had the opportunity to be born in such a privileged environment.  Since then, I served in many places where war and horror were present, and it tore me apart, still does.  How can we observe the world from places like Canada with contempt and superiority? What gives us the right as human beings to believe that we are entitled while others are not?  It is unbearable.  All humans should work together until all suffering is gone. We cannot go on and let the people in Gaza, Darfur and anywhere else suffer while we go on packing our garages with useless stuff.

But I digress.  I believe you make an honourable choice.  You could turn your back and create a life of your own, away from all the problems.  You choose not to. You choose to face them, to confront them, to understand them. That is doing something. Many times you hear people express their disarray in the face of adversity, saying that it is useless, that their contribution is too small, irrelevant. You prove them all wrong. Your energy and dedication will make a difference. And everyone should follow your example.

My friend, I am honoured and privileged to know you.  Let our friendship be eternal.

Yours, always,